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Topographic surveying

Topographic surveying of a plot of land is not just an accurate representation of the territory. This plan shows the characteristics of the terrain in the finest detail. The result of the topographic survey is a topographic plan of the territory, which includes elements of the situation, underground engineering communications, and a cartographic image of other objects with their metric and technical parameters. The topographic plan is made on paper and / or in electronic format (* .DWG and / or * .DGN). Learn more...

Land cadastral survey

Land cadastral surveying includes the preparation of a land boundary plan, a boundary plan of a part of a land unit, a situation plan, an encumbrance plan.

Development of land use planning projects

A land development project is a set of spatial planning documents with a graphic part and an explanatory note. It is a project of measures for the arrangement of the territory and improvement of the conditions of land use developed for a part of the territory, real estate or land plot.

Executive Measurements

Executive measurements are a graphic material that reflect the actual execution as a result of design and the elements of the construction site in the reconstruction process.

(newly built or renovated buildings, drainage ditches, roads, underground communications and other elements of the surface situation.)

Engineering geodetic works

Determination and monitoring of building structure deformations.
The laying of the construction shafts and the preparation of the construction shaft fixing act is necessary in order to construct the designed construction accurately and in accordance with the developers' construction project. Prior to the commencement of construction work, a certified surveyor shall determine the construction axes in the area.

Aerial photography

Aerial imaging - taking a site at a specified height from the surface using an aero camera installed on an aircraft. Data obtained during aerial photography are particularly useful in the topography and cadastral survey and in the performance of volume calculations. Learn more...

3D laser scanning / LiDAR

LIDAR is a long-distance research technology that measures the distance from the scanner to the target with a laser beam pulse and analyzes the reflected light. Using LiDAR, essential information can be provided on surface height, location of the building, descriptive parts of the area and the average height of the woods, as well as information on individual elements on the surface. Learn more...

Volume calculations

In the calculation of volume, the most important thing is to prepare an exact terrain model from point clouds obtained by laser scanning or aerial imaging. The terrain model must correspond to the current situation in the area, so it is important to select the correct survey method depending on the characteristics of the object to be measured. THE right survey method will be helped by A-GEO specialists. Learn more...

Water body mapping

Using the latest generation tools, we provide water body bed mapping services, or bed depth map production. Learn more...


We provide consultations in surveying and also training in the use of surveying equipment. Learn more...



A-GEO is a surveying company that provides services to both legal entities and individuals throughout the territory of Latvia, as well as places orders outside the Republic of Latvia.

The company "A-GEO" was founded in 2011. Its successful development is based on a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in their field and investment in the latest technologies.

The company performs a wide range of services in land surveying, geodetic and cadastral surveying works. With the development of the latest technologies and investments in them, the company also offers laser scanning, or LiDAR point cloud. This makes it possible to obtain data from less accessible areas by creating accurate terrain models. Such information is useful in areas such as land surveying, forest inventory, flood analysis, coastal erosion detection, railway, road and power line surveys, quarry surveys.

A-GEO has been a member of the board of the Latvian Association of Cartographers and Surveyors since 2019. (http://lkga.lv/)

In 2020, A-GEO joined the Latvian Surveyors' Association to promote the development of remote sensing in the field of surveying. ( https://lmb.lv/ )

A-GEO sales services:

  • Surveying equipment

  • Remote sensing sensors and unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Data processing software

  • Computers and office equipment







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Tālr.: +371 6301 0280

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To apply for a job at A-GEO, please send a letter of motivation and C.V to: info@a-geo.lv

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