Stonex SC600 GNSS, 555 Ch, 4G, UHF, WiFi, BT,

Multipurpose GNSS Receiver

STONEX technology for GNSS reference stations and networks continues to evolve, meeting rapidly changing GNSS technology demands.

SC600 GNSS Receiver is a multipurpose receiver that adapts to various types of use.

SC600 is available in two versions:

• Standard version – it includes GNSS, GSM, Radio and 5Hz and it is recommended for monitoring applications, reference stations, RTK base stations.

• Full version – it includes GNSS, GSM, Radio, 20Hz and Heading operation and it is recommended as RTK rover for ground vehicle, marine or aircraft based systems, providing GNSS multiconstellations heading and position data in static and dynamic environments.

STONEX SC600 GNSS Uztvērējs

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