10.1” Full Rugged Tablet

Rugged by nature, the UT series by UniStrong thrives in harsh operating environments.

The UT50 is built to handle heavy work load over an extended period of time. It is designed to be drop resistant at heights of 1.2m with an IP68 protection rating and certified to MIL-STD.

With 128GB SSD, 2x hot swappable batteries and wet hands/gloves operation, you can work all day without hassle and fear of losing data.



STONEX UT50 Izturīga Planšete

2 590,00 €Price
  • Tablet STONEX UT50, UT50, 10.1" - Windows 10 - 8GB/128 GB + Holders & Brackets
    1850,00 EUR
    Stonex Survey Windows Bundle: Tablet UT50 + Field Genius Premium + Holders & Brackets 2450,00 EUR


  • UT20 Universal Cradle RAM-HOL-UN8BU   60.00 EUR
    RAM Tough Claw with ball   100.00 EUR
    RAM short double socket   70.00 EUR
    Cradle for UT 50 tablet   200.00 EUR
    UT20 Hand Strap   50.00 EUR
    UT20 Shoulder Strap   50.00 EUR
    UT20 Chest Strap   100.00 EUR
    UT 50 Desktop Docking   300.00 EUR
    UT20/UT 50 Standard Battery   160.00 EUR
    UT 50 LIND Fully Rugged Standard   159.00 EUR
    UT 50 LIND Fully Rugged Forklift   284.00 EUR
    UT50 Digitizer Pen   50.00 EUR
    UT50 Desktop Charger   80.00 EUR

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